Sonora Communications, Inc.

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For the last sixteen years, Sonora Communications has been offering customized computer solutions for every budget.  We offer terminals, workstations, servers, routers, firewalls and iPBX systems all built on standard hardware platforms with top-of-the-line performance and reliability.

We've been building and selling custom computers for all fourteen years and we've gotten pretty good at it!  We offer energy and cost-efficient computers that perform well, are handsome and are quite reasonably priced.

We pride ourselves in being excellent consumers and as such, we think we offer our customers true value!

If you would like to research, configure and price your next Netbook, Notebook, Desktop or Server computer, please check out our custom conguration system.

  • On-Line Backup Service   ( 4 Articles )

    We offer secure, convenient, reliable on-line backup for your important data. We currently support Windows and Linux/Unix clients...and any other platform that supports industry standard protocols. We have done the math, and on-line backup is usually much less expensive (and more convenient) than backing up to tape.

  • Desktop   ( 0 Articles )

    We offer three base models of quality personal computers from which we custom-build every PC to client specifications:

    • Low Profile, Small-Footprint Intel-Based Desktop PC
    • Mid-Tower with AMD CPU and nVidia Chipset
    • Mid-Tower with Intel Mainboard and Intel CPU
  • Portable Computing   ( 1 Article )

    The vast majority of all portable computers being manufactured are made by about five large companies in Taiwan or China. These large industrial companies are called Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). They make the computers sold by HP, Compaq, Dell and others.

    We purchase through a distributor that specializes in portable computers. They select the 'cream of the crop' models made by the best of the large OEMs for distribution to us.

    We only sell top-shelf notebook computers from the top manufacturers. And we only purchase them from a top-shelf distributor that we have worked with for many years. The main benefits are:

    • We don't have to talk to unhappy customers...never fun!
    • We don't spend our time and money dealing with repairs and returns...also less fun than you might think.
    • If there ever is a warranty or repair issue, it gets handled rapidly and professionally.
    • You can order your new notebook PC with any operating system you want.
      • any current version of Windows
      • various versions of Linux
    • Your new notebook PC won't come preloaded with a bunch of junk and 'eval' software. Those pre-loaded junk programs 'bog down' and generally 'trash' your new PC before you even start it up!

    Current Special

  • Server   ( 0 Articles )

    We offer three categories of custom built servers. And although price points and intended markets vary dramatically, every one is a winner.

  • Network   ( 0 Articles )

    Networking equipment doesn't have to say 'Cisco' on the box to be good! We offer many proven options...including Cisco!