Linux is Coming!

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Linux is Coming!

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Linux is Coming!

Well, actually, it's already here!

We've been running our own business on Linux and we've been installing Linux servers in customer offices since 1997.  During the last ten years, we estimate 4 out of 5 servers we have installed are Linux...maybe more.  We feel that Linux has already won the 'server wars'.

As for 'the Desktop'...your PC desktop and ours...that battle is just heating up.  With the 'flop' that is Windows Vista®, we feel it's time to give you a choice.

Are you looking for a better desktop OS option?

Choose Linux for your next PC and SAVE $175!

That's what we have to charge for Windows XP Pro or Windows Vista Business Edition which we sell with the vast majority of our PC sales.

Here are a couple of links to Linux 'commercials' good for a smile or two... #1   #2    #3

Last Updated on Friday, 21 August 2009 12:06