Sonora Communications, Inc.

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Sonora Communications, Inc. offers a complete line of Internet services as well as the networking and computing products needed to put it all together. We also offer on-site installation and configuration to make your life easy.

Sonora Communications has been a full-service ISP for many years. In addition to offering on-site service and installation, we offer several affordable packages of services as well as custom services to fit any need or any budget.

We offer both ADSL and SDSL, two 'flavors' of the common DSL Internet access technology. ADSL is the most common, and least expensive form of DSL Internet access service.

  • Internet Access   ( 1 Article )

    Sonora Communications, Inc. is a full-service Internet Service Provider (ISP).

    We offer local and nationwide dialup, ADSL, SDSL and T1 Internet access connections.

  • Internet Hosting   ( 1 Article )

    We offer several internet hosting packages to fit most needs and budgets.

    Our hosting packages offer web hosting, DNS hosting, mail services and more.

  • Internet Domains   ( 1 Article )

    We can help you register your own Internet domain names and get them set up on our Domain Name System (DNS) servers.