Secure E-Mail Access

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Secure E-Mail Access

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Secure E-Mail Access

If you need to access your e-mail account while connected to the Internet from another ISP, you must use secure protocols.  Examples:

  • you have Sonora Comm DSL at the office, but you have Cox cable at home
  • you have a notebook PC that you travel with and you use it to check your e-mail

SonoraMail Webmail

The easiest way to remotely access your mailbox is via webmail.

Webmail is an IMAP mail client so you will see the same messages and folders in webmail that you do if you use any other IMAP mail clients.

The following URL uses a secure (encrypted) connection to your mail server. Look for the 'lock' symbol in your browser status bar.

Outlook 2003 Secure Remote POP Mail Client Configuration

Use settings similar to these whenever you are connected to the Internet through another ISP (other than Sonora Comm or Opus One), or if you simply want more security (encrypted connections, not encrypted messages).

These same basic settings will work with almost any mail client such as Outlook Express or Thunderbird.

Now let's set up Outlook 2003.  Click Tools -> E-Mail Accounts...

Click View or Change, then click Next


Select the Sonora account then click Change (or just Add)


Adjust the settings then click More Settings...


Name the account...


Enable SMTP Authentication...


Make sure you are using the right connection...


Select LAN if you are connected to the Internet via cable or DSL.  Choose Connect Using My Phone Line only if you are using a dialup (analog) modem.


Set the Advanced settings for encrypted transmission since you are on an untrusted 'net connection.


Be sure that the port settings are as shown.  Some mail clients don't change the ports automatically. 

Click Finish. 


If and whenever you get this security warning, click Yes to continue.
Last Updated on Tuesday, 12 August 2008 22:12