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Sonora Communications, Inc.

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Miscellaneous Files
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1 Database Backup Script
This script will conveniently back up all postgresql and mysql databases on a host - originally intended to be run as a pre-backup script for tape or on-line backup - see also http://sourceforge.net/projects/automysqlbackup/
3145 0.001949
2 Enable RDP Batch File
Batch file to enable RDP and open the Windows XP firewall
3219 0.000792
3 Enable Security Tab on Windows XP
Registry modifications to enable the Security tab of file properties on Windows XP
3217 0.007814
4 End-User DSL Contract
Simple one-page contract for DSL Internet service
3532 0.082113
5 Junkmail Filtering Howto for SonoraMail
This is a simple guide to get your SonoraMail junkmail and spam filtering set up very quickly and easily
69940 0.463968
6 LSI RAID Status Script (MegaCLI)
For newer LSI RAID (SAS) controllers - Uses MegaCLI utility and the sendmail command. It is intended to be run from cron
3247 0.000778
7 LSI RAID Status Script (megarc)
For older LSI RAID controllers - Uses the megarc utility and the mail command. It is intended to be run from cron
3691 0.000727
8 ProActive Maintenance Plan
Two page brochure explaining some of the details of our ProActive Maintenance Plan and service pricing
3786 0.186472
9 Remotely Enable RDP (needs reboot)
Batch file
3122 0.000921
10 Remotely Enable Without a Reboot
Uses Visual Basic
3143 0.001419
11 Sample SPAM Database
3370 1.928661
12 Set Joomla Permissions Script
This script will correct the permissions on a Joomla 1.5 installation and it's easy to adjust for your own needs, if necessary.
3052 0.002733
13 Set Permissions Script
Useful script to set ownership and permissions of files and directories - can be easily modified or used as-is
3100 0.002404
14 Simple RSYNC Backup Script
This script will back up the files/folders specified to the local machine. The original intent is to run this script from cron in order to back up a Windows VM to the Linux host VMware server where the files will then be backed up by the primary backup system.
5288 0.001265
15 Sonora Remote Support Tool
Use this remote support tool at the instruction of your Sonora Communications remote support technician. Your tech will also instruct you as to which remote support workstation to select.
3931 0.193055
16 Xen Backup Script
Script to backup Xen domains (VMs)
3112 0.003926